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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Baton Twirling Association of British Columbia is made up of twenty members: six executive, and fourteen full Board members. The executive members are: Chair, Vice Chair, Technical Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Past Chair. The additional Board of Directors positions are: Badge Officer, Sanction Officer, Membership Officer, Groups Officer, Judges Representative, Coaches Representative, Athletes Representative, Directors at Large (currently 2) as well as a Representative from each club within the Province. 

Chair - Shannon Webster

Technical Chair - Lisa Neill

Vice Chair - Jennifer DeWolff

Secretary - Nancey Forsman

Treasurer - Denise DeWolff

Past Chair - Denise DeWolff

Judges Rep - Jennifer DeWolff

Coaches Rep - Lisa Neill

Athletes Rep - Robin Sanford

Badges Rep - Lindsey Rempel

Groups Rep - Karen Gratton
Membership Officer - Danielle Moar

Sanction Officer - Nadine Sanford
Director at Large - Lauren Shaver


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